Contemplating Life – the story is below the image.

Around this time, I was considering relocating in true tumbleweed fashion. Completely up sticks and start again somewhere else. It’s 2021 now and I’m still here (same location, same accommodation) as my contemplating went another direction and I decided to focus on my painting and writing. This painting was my mood at that time and how I expressed my thoughts.

The lone figure could be happy looking out into the distance, or sad considering the drop as an option. However, at the foot of the drop are sparkles and so maybe the fall would not be a bad thing but result in something brighter.

The result is that in 2021, today, I’m still sat in the same place on the edge considering my options but I’m happy there as everything before me is possible.

Acrylic on canvas with glitter 60x80x2cm approx. finished Late 2018 or early 2019.

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