Unconditionally – the story is below the image.

So red-haired women were on my mind at this time as Beth, the heroine in my fantasy novel that I was working on – The Guardian of Magic – is a redhead.

Also around this time conversations around what relationships should be were reoccurring with my girlfriend. The beliefs of both my created character Beth and my girlfriend were aligned – love should be unconditional.

However, I believe that this also means each person in the relationship should have their freedom of choice. The term I use is “the cage door is always open.” Now, the misconception around this phrase is that it means each is free to play the field. Well, it does not mean that. To me, it means if there truly comes a time that the relationship no longer works for either person or one then do not imprison each other into a miserable existence. Allow each other to move on freely and for both to have a chance at new happiness.

Today I am happy, and I’ve moved on more than once.

The figure in the painting represents the giving of her heart unconditionally.

Acrylic on canvas 120x50x2cm approx. finished 2020.

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