Another World – the story is below the image.

I write fantasy novels – as you will find in other sections of my web page. To write fantasy you first have to create the fantasy world. This world-building exercise includes everything from the landscape, people, animals, any magical systems and much more that are needed to create a believable place for the story to take place.

So as I also paint I wanted to create a fantasy world on canvas and the result is this painting.

I get lost in this work regularly imaging the people and creatures that live there. I am often drawn to the lower centre where I see a roadway and a myriad of lights. Then there are the trees to the right of the roadway inside the dome. Further afield as I study the expanse I see unusual life forms and locations and all this through an edging that convinces me that I am looking through from one dimension to another and getting a momentary view of another world.

Perhaps I have an overactive imagination or maybe it’s just the right amount to enjoy painting and writing as much as I do?

Acrylic on canvas 80x118x3cm approx. Finished 2020.

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