Reach In – the story is below the image.

A struggle within

The hardest fight

Close confines

The furthest reach

Screams of anguish

Torn away flesh

Heart stops

Someone reach in

Time an enemy

Solitude a sin

Come in

Save my soul

I keep my inner angst to myself; I do not share my sadness I just get on with it. I plan, accept the consequences, and move on, taking any hits that may result.

In these times this is not what you are supposed to do, but this is what I do and probably will forever. There is nothing wrong with those who want to share and they do say sharing is good for you but again it’s not for me. I manage, I have always managed and so why change?

The poem I wrote some time back, a couple of decades ago, so there has been angst but not shared.

Acrylic on canvas 91x122x2cm approx. Finished 2021.

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