A Poem – Darkness A Way of Life

Darkness a way of life, feeling and fumbling around

In the sky occasional pin pricks of light, but I’m on the ground

Many roads can be found, many junctions abound

I travel with a vengeance, not knowing where I’m bound

Fellow travellers on my path, some silly buggers going the wrong way

No one understands me, but I know I’m making headway

Roads become tracks, then a bloody big motorway

I’ll push and I’ll fight, every single day

Been there and seen that, earned my badge at that

Always moving and staying ahead, I haven’t picked up any fat

Stayed here and laid there, somewhere I lost my hat

Getting very tired, perhaps its time I sat

Shit! I didn’t see that, now everything’s damage

Without this and that, how am I going to manage

Nothing works anymore; perhaps I can find a garage

Still it’s dark and there’s many roads, I’ll try and flag a carriage

Nothing passes by; funny it was there when I didn’t need it

Now it’s dark and quiet, totally alone I now sit

Life’s thoughts weigh in and out, tempting me to quit

I think about it, and then decide I’m not putting up with this shit

I reach into my bag of tricks, forgotten on my many trips

A pair of wings and a bright light, a song upon my lips

Heavy at first I flap and turn, then life nips

Armed afresh and ready for battle, I leave behind my many chips

Feeling light and carrying my torch, I begin again

Better for my lesson, a painful bargain

The futures bright and I can see the lights, greater height I will gain

This time I know the rules and I know the way, but I expect there will still be pain

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