A Poem – Darkness A Way of Life

Darkness a way of life, feeling and fumbling around In the sky occasional pin pricks of light, but I’m on the ground Many roads can be found, many junctions abound I travel with a vengeance, not knowing where I’m bound Fellow travellers on my path, some silly buggers going the wrong way No one understandsContinue reading “A Poem – Darkness A Way of Life”

Understanding a Woman – the story is below the image.

Ok, so I’m very brave or stupid if I say that I’m a man that understands women! However, on reflection every woman I have known and met has been different; not one the same! The painting is the images of a thousand diverse women’s faces each overlaid on the other with a vast variety ofContinue reading “Understanding a Woman – the story is below the image.”

Eruption – the story is below the image.

Around this time I had seen a few programs and articles on global warming and the plight of several iconic animals – not unusual these days as such stories are everywhere now and gaining momentum. This inspired me to do a few related paintings and Eruption is one of them. Possibly not directly linked toContinue reading “Eruption – the story is below the image.”

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