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The Author, Photographer & Artist Andrew Sharp

Hi, I started painting again in 2018, then picked up my camera too. I’ve always written, but infrequently at times due to life and work taking priority. However, now I paint in an abstract expressionist style. I take photographs and as to the writing I’m self-publishing and enjoying that journey.

I live in the UK, Merseyside. I am married and my wife and I have four dogs (three little white fluff balls and one chocolate) and a cat (named Loki). We both have children, grown and left now, and grandchildren. I retired March 2022 to focus on my writing and art, but first I’m renovating the house through 2022/2023 while still keeping up the writing and art.

My books are available on Amazon. Follow these links The Power of a Connected and The Guardian Of Magic by Andrew Sharp

Most of my art and photographs are for sale as original art or prints (prints via Etsy). See the menu for links to the appropriate pages.

My art expresses symbolism, each communicating an emotion, state of mind or an idea. I publish all my work here, to remind me of my journey. The good, the bad and the no longer loved, but they are all mine and originals.

Sales Terms and Conditions – A clear definition of what products or services are provided: the sale of painted art on canvas, images of painted art digitally printed to canvas or paper, photographs digitally printed to canvas or paper, my written works (novels) sold via Amazon. Setting out the payment terms: payments and invoices are via a Business PayPal Account.  Payment is due before shipment. Any guarantees or warranties offered: The artist retains all copyright and can reproduce sold art and photographs as prints. Original art dimensions are approximate. True image quality of the final product is not always truly reflected via images on the web page and so may vary to expectations. i.e., a photograph does not always show the true detail of a painting. Changing the original art size to a different digital print size (length and width) may cause some cropping and or distortion of the original image. Items are purchased at the purchaser’s own risk. Timelines for delivery and any queries: Shipping and response times will vary as each is organized to individual customer requirements and the size and weight of the product to be shipped.. The term of the agreement and what notice is required to get out of it: Each transaction is individual and final once payment is made. Which law shall govern the contract: The UK Consumer Rights Act (2015) and the Consumer Protection Act (1987). Andy Sharp Ltd – the trader – is not a VAT Registered Company.

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